2020 Release Managers and a New Oraganizational Structure

BY: Sanic Dev Team

Today we are excited to announce TWO steps forward for Sanic.

First, thank you so much to @sjsadowski and @yunstanford for steering the project this past year as release managers.

We are excited to have both of them continue on as release managers through the 2020 release cycle.

Second, since becoming a community run organization, the Sanic team has been working to find the best model for governing the project and pursuing community engagement. Today, the team has decided to adopt a new structure outlined in the Sanic Community Organization Policy E-manual, aka the SCOPE.

The stated goal of the SCOPE is:

To create a sustainable, community-driven organization around the Sanic projects that promote: (1) stability and predictability, (2) quick iteration and enhancement cycles, (3) engagement from outside contributors, (4) overall reliable software, and (5) a safe, rewarding environment for the community members.


The adopted structure will look somewhat similar to PEP 8016 and the governance model selected for the Python project. The projects themselves will continue to be developed by the same teams of core developers.

In addition, there will be a new Steering Council tasked with the overall management and responsibility.

What does this mean?

Sanic will continue day-to-day largely in the same way as it has. The release managers will be in charge of merges and releases, and everyone else will pool together to try and make decisions by consensus. The steering council will be another tool to make sure the project is progressing.

For those interested, the text of the SCOPE can be found here.

In the coming weeks the team will be electing the new steering council and the SCOPE will be underway.