# Basics

Side note

The OpenAPI implementation in Sanic Extensions is based upon the OAS3 implementation from sanic-openapi (opens new window). In fact, Sanic Extensions is in a large way the successor to that project, which entered maintenance mode upon the release of Sanic Extensions. If you were previously using OAS3 with sanic-openapi you should have an easy path to upgrading to Sanic Extensions. Unfortunately, this project does NOT support the OAS2 specification.

Out of the box, Sanic Extensions provides automatically generated API documentation using the v3.0 OpenAPI specification (opens new window). The only thing that you need to do is Extend your application by instantiating Sanic Extensions.

from sanic import Sanic
from sanic_ext import Extend
app = Sanic("MyApp")

After doing this, you will now have beautiful documentation already generated for you based upon your existing application:

http://localhost:8000/docs (opens new window)

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