# Websockets

Sanic provides an easy to use abstraction on top of websockets (opens new window).

# Routing

Websocket handlers can be hooked up to the router similar to regular handlers.

async def feed(request, ws):

app.add_websocket_route(feed, "/feed")
async def feed(request, ws):

# Handler

Typically, a websocket handler will want to hold open a loop.

It can then use the send() and recv() methods on the second object injected into the handler.

This example is a simple endpoint that echos back to the client messages that it receives.

async def feed(request, ws):
    while True:
        data = "hello!"
        print("Sending: " + data)
        await ws.send(data)
        data = await ws.recv()
        print("Received: " + data)

# Configuration

See configuration section for more details.

app.config.WEBSOCKET_MAX_SIZE = 2 ** 20
app.config.WEBSOCKET_MAX_QUEUE = 32
app.config.WEBSOCKET_READ_LIMIT = 2 ** 16
app.config.WEBSOCKET_WRITE_LIMIT = 2 ** 16
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